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Seller Sale Type Close Date/Time Location Sale Event Information Sale Status
Live Auction 25 May
04:00:00 AM America/Chicago
Penang Malaysia Live sale of quality engineering products imported from UK Lots Live!

Online Auction 28 May
02:00:00 AM America/Chicago
Makati City Philippines Entire Contents of HOG and CATTLE STEAKHOUSE, Century City Mall, Makati Lots Live!

Negotiated Sale 30 May
02:00:00 AM America/Chicago
Laguna Philippines Tetra Pak Liquid Processing Accessories Lots Live!

Online Auction 30 May
02:00:00 AM America/Chicago
Pasig City Philippines Entire Contents of KAKA Restaurant Moved into Storage for Ease of Sale Lots Live!

Online Auction 31 May
02:00:00 AM America/Chicago
Quezon City Philippines 2017 Fuso Fighter Forward Wing Van. Lots Live!

Live Auction 08 June
12:00:00 AM America/Chicago
Bang Pa In Thailand Over 10 Vehicles, Household and Office Furniture, Computers and IT Equipment, Household Appliances and Much More Lots Live!

Negotiated Sale 11 July
02:00:00 AM America/Chicago
Johor Malaysia 12MW Modular Power Generation Plant Lots Live!

Tender Sale 15 July
02:00:00 AM America/Chicago
Gurun Malaysia Large Capacity CNC Center Lathes and Bed Mill Lots Live!